Good news for international students as travel restrictions are revised

October 07 2020


According to the news, students can now travel to Canada in the following month. International students will be able to travel to Canada from 20th of October only If their designated institution in which they have applied has a COVID-19 plan that is approved by the government. This announcement was made on 2nd October.

IRCC stated

“As part of their plans, DLIs are expected to provide specifics to their provincial or territorial government on how they will provide information to international students on health and travel requirements before they arrive in Canada, help students with their quarantine plans and provide guidance or assistance in acquiring the necessities of life, such as food and medication, during their quarantine”.

A list of schools will be posted by ICCRC with all the COVID-19 plan on their given more school approved by the time, the list will be updated.


DLIs are required to provide the details to their government about what precautionary steps student would take before and after coming to Canada. The plan should have guidance for acquiring the necessities of life including all information related to food and medicines during student time in their quarantine.

Family members as the student’s parent, legal guardian, spouse or any other law partner would be permitted to travel along with them. All the students with their accompanied member will be quarantined for 14 days as they enter Canada. Any other public health measures can also be taken.

The students are advised by the IRCC not to make any travel arrangements or plans before meeting all requirements and receiving necessary authorizations.

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