How to apply Canada Study Visa

The Process of Applying for a Student Visa for Canada in Pakistan

  1. Program Selection:
    • The initial step is to identify and choose the most suitable academic programs offered by top and affiliated universities or colleges in Canada.
  2. Application Submission:
    • Following program selection, you can submit your application directly to the desired programs through Marvel’s authorized Student Visa Consultants or by visiting our Marvel Immigration Services website.
  3. Acceptance Letter:
    • Once your application is processed, you await acceptance letters from the Canadian university or college of your choice.
  4. Visa Application Assistance:
    • Upon receiving the acceptance letter, you can proceed to apply for a student visa to Canada. Marvel Immigration Services will guide you through the step-by-step process of Canadian visa application.
    • To begin:
      • Browse the list of programs and select the one that best aligns with your interests.
      • Visit our Islamabad office or contact us through the provided phone numbers for further consultations.
    • Our authorized consultants will handle the application on your behalf for your chosen program, obtain the acceptance letter, and send it to you. Once you have the acceptance letter, we will provide comprehensive guidance on applying for your student visa to Canada, paving the way for your international academic journey.

Required Documents for Applying for a Student Visa for Canada in Pakistan

  • It’s important to clarify that you do not need to complete your current studies to be eligible for a Canadian visa application.

For Undergraduate Programs:

  • If applying for a bachelor’s program, you do not need to have completed high school. Being in the final year of high school (typically grade 12 in most countries) is sufficient. The Canada student visa requirements stipulate that you must be on track to graduate from your current educational program in your home country before commencing studies in Canada. You do not require your graduation certificate unless you have already completed your current education.
    • Necessary documents include:
      • High school transcript showing all grades obtained in all high school years in Pakistan (usually grades 9 – 12).
      • Copy of your passport (if available).
      • High school graduation diploma/certificate if you have completed high school.

For Post-Graduate Programs:

  • Post-graduate programs in Canada typically require a higher education degree or diploma. Most master’s programs necessitate a four-year bachelor’s degree, while post-graduate certificate programs often require at least a three-year bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate diploma to fulfill Canada student visa requirements.
    • Required documents for post-graduate programs are:
      • Latest transcript demonstrating all grades if you are still a student.
      • Graduation certificate/diploma if you have completed your bachelor’s degree or diploma.
      • Copy of your passport (if available).
      • Some master’s programs may have additional requirements, such as recommendation letters, resumes, essays, or a statement of purpose.

English Language Proficiency:

  • Notably, TOEFL or IELTS scores are not mandatory for studying in Canada at all education levels, including high school, bachelor’s, or post-graduate/masters programs.
    • If you do not possess TOEFL or IELTS scores, you can still pursue your chosen field of study. You will be required to study English for a duration ranging from two months to one year, depending on your English proficiency, at the same university or college where you have been accepted in Canada. Subsequently, you can commence your main program.
    • When applying through Marvel Immigration Services for a student visa to Canada without English scores, a conditional admission letter will be obtained from the university, indicating your acceptance. However, successful completion of an English program at the same institution is a prerequisite before starting your main program.
    • The university will assess your English proficiency upon arrival, and based on the results, you may need to complete English courses lasting from two months to one year before commencing your higher education program in Canada.

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