How to apply Canada Study Visa

What is the Process of Student Visa for Canada in Pakistan?

In start, we have to match the best programs possible from top/affiliated universities or colleges in Canada.

After that, you can apply directly to the programs of your interest from the Marvel authorized Student Visa Consultants or just visit our Marvel Immigration Services website.


After the application, we have to wait for your Canadian visa program acceptance letter from the university or college of your choice.

Once you received the acceptance letter, you can apply for a student visa to Canada. For this purpose, we will help with your Canadian visa application process step by step.

  • Search programs from the list and select the best suited program of your choice.
  • After that, just visit our Islamabad office or call us on our given numbers for further discussions.
  • Our authorized consultants will apply for you in your desired program and obtain the acceptance letter and send them to you. After you have received your acceptance letter, we will guide you through the process of applying for your student visa to Canada and starting your international studies journey in Canada.


What documents are required for applying Student Visa for Canada in Pakistan?


Some of the students ask us that do they need to finish their current studies to be eligible to apply for a Canadian visa application. The answer is very simple “No”.


If you are applying for a bachelor’s program, you don’t need to finish your high school. Being in your last year of high school (i.e. grade 12 in most countries) is enough. Because Canada student visa requirements are to show that you are going to graduate from your current country before starting your studies in Canada then you are eligible to apply today. You don’t need your certificate of graduation, unless you have finished your current education.

Documents required to applying for an undergraduate program:

If you are applying for an undergraduate program (i.e. a program that only requires a high-school level of education), you need your high school transcript and it must show all of your grades obtained in all years of high-school in Pakistan (Usually grade 9 – 12). You will also need a copy of your passport (if have). But if you finished your high- school, then we also need your high-school graduation diploma/certificate.

Documents required to applying for a post-graduate program:

For Canada student visa requirements post-graduate programs require a higher education degree or diploma. Most master’s programs in Canada require a four-year bachelor’s degree and most post-graduate certificate programs need at least a three-year bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate diploma to fulfill Canada student visa requirements.


If you are still a student, just provide your latest transcript showing all the grades.

If you have finished your bachelor’s degree or diploma, you need to provide your graduation certificate/diploma as well.

You will also need a copy of your passport (if have).

Some master’s programs require recommendation letters, resumes, essays and or statement of purpose. You can find the specific requirements for master’s programs through our expert consultants.

Do I need IELTS or TOEFL scores?

No! Everyone can study in Canada or USA at all levels of education through Canadian visa program (high school, bachelor, or post-grad/masters) without English scores!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of TOEFL or IELTS English scores. You can still study in any field of study. You just required studying English from two months to one year depending on your English proficiency at the same university/college you get accepted to in Canada and then start your main program.

When applying through Marvel Immigration Services for student visa to Canada without an English score, we will obtain a conditional admission letter for you from the university indicating that you are accepted to the university but you have to successfully complete an English program at the same university before being able to start your program.

The university then takes an English exam with you when you arrive at the university and determine your English proficiency level. Based on the exam results, you will be require to study 2 months to one year English courses before starting your Canadian visa program higher educations.

enefits of Authorized ICCRC consultant:

  • Grasp latest information from membership of professional institution network
  • Familiar with potential loopholes and decrease the risk of having your application refused
  • Leave the correspondence between the government and you to us while your application is being processed
  • Review your documents before submitting your documents
  • Tackle complex situations

Note: This information gets from official Canadian embassy website “CIC”. For assessment your profile visit

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