Five Key Steps to Speed up Your Canadian Study Permit Application

Five Key Steps to Speed up Your Canadian Study Permit Application:

  1. Apply online or through a Visa Application Centre (VAC)
    • As of December 2012, people who have access to the Internet, a scanner or camera, and a credit card will be able to fill out and submit their application online to apply for Canada.
    • VACs make the Canadian visa process more convenient for visa applicants around the world by providing additional points of service. VACs make sure applications are complete and that they meet all of CIC’s requirements by pre-screening applications. If a VAC is located in your country, consider using its services to moving to Canada.
  2. Apply early!
    • Although you can check online how long it is taking on average to process study permits, it is always a good idea to apply for Canada as early as possible, and at least four to six months prior to the start of classes.
  3. Get your medical exam and police certificates as soon as possible
    • Some prospective international students need a medical examination, depending how long you are planning to stay and where you live
    • If the duration of your visit is more than six months, you will need a medical examination for moving to Canada:
      • If in the year immediately preceding the date that you sought entry into Canada you resided or stayed temporarily (for six or more consecutive months) you will need a medical exam. This applies to citizens of a country where a visa to enter Canada is not required.
      • You are coming to Canada to work in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential. For list of jobs for which you need a medical examination visit Marvel Authorized Immigration Experts.
    • You can avoid delays by getting your medical examination done quickly and submitting it with your application. It is not mandatory to complete a medical examination when you submit your application. However, doing so will result in faster processing. For more information about who needs a medical examination, please visit Marvel Authorized Immigration Experts.
    • Some prospective international students need to provide a police certificate. This can also take time, but you can avoid delays by getting it done early. While the basic student visa application does not include the need for a police certificate, individual missions may ask for them later in the process.
  4. Make sure you submit all required documents and that your documents are complete and legible
    • If information is missing from an application, or if the information you provided is unclear, your application will be returned to you, resulting in a delay.
    • Consult the Marvel Authorized Immigration Experts to see if you need to fill out additional forms or provide additional documents.
    • Provide certified translations in either English or French of all supporting documents to Canadian high commission or other authorized authorities, such as transcripts, police certificates and other official documents.
  5. Ensure that you pay the proper fee
    • In many countries, the processing fee can be paid in the local currency. You should consult Marvel Authorized Immigration Experts for additional information on fees, including how to pay them.
    • If you do not pay the fee when required, or if you submit the wrong amount, it will delay the processing of your application or result in a negative decision.

Benefits of Authorized ICCRC consultant:

  • Grasp latest information from membership of professional institution network
  • Familiar with potential loopholes and decrease the risk of having your application refused
  • Leave the correspondence between the government and you to us while your application is being processed
  • Review your documents before submitting your documents
  • Tackle complex situations

Note: This information gets from official Canadian embassy website “CIC”. For assessment your profile visit

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