Student cost for Canada

How much does it cost to apply to each program?

Normally, every university has its own application fee ranging from $50 to $150 for each program. You can contact to our expert Marvel immigration consultants for further information.

Mostly universities and colleges in Canada charge an application fee to process your application and issuance of acceptance letter. Each institution and program has a different application fee that you have to pay first to process an international student visa to Canada application and these amounts go directly toward the institution’s application fee.

How much is the tuition fee?

There is a wide range of programs and universities while applying for student visa residency in Canada. Tuition fee range between US $7,000 to $32,000 based on your selective universities and programs. But in most cases, colleges have a lower tuition fee than universities.

We have a variety of programs for Canadian visa program with tuition fees less than US $15000 per year. You can contact our Marvel Immigration expert consultants for further information.

How much is the Living Costs in residency in Canada?

The average cost of residency in Canada per month is likely to around CA$600-800 (~US$450-600) for food and other expenses. These expenses are not including accommodation which will be your largest expenditure after tuition fees. Living expenses including accommodation in Canada are likely to be CA$10,000-15,000 per year which approximately cost US$7,550-11,300. Residency in Canada is generally more expensive in the biggest cities.

If you are looking for a cheaper option while residing on student visa to Canada, you may consider living off-campus, but don’t forget to remember to include extra costs of travelling to and from your university. Sharing off-campus housing with other students can also make accommodation more affordable.

Here are some examples of average living costs in Canada:

Eating out at a restaurant: CA$10-15 per person (~US$8-11)

One-way ticket on local public transport: CA$3 (~US$2)

Loaf of bread: CA$2.80 (~US$2)

Cinema ticket: CA $12.25 (~US$9)

Are there scholarships available in Canadian visa program?

Sadly, we don’t provide any scholarships at Marvel immigrations. Marvel Immigration expert authorized consultants help you to get student visa to Canada. You have to require minimum US $20,000 which covers your cost of living and school tuition. This amount covers your university/college expenditure.

When do I have to pay application fees and tuitions?

Application Fee:

You have to pay the application fee while applying for student visa to Canada. The application is charged by universities and is non-refundable. The fee is mandatory for universities to review your application and will not review your application until the fee is being paid.

Tuition Fee:

Canadian visa program required to pay the tuition fee for each semester at the beginning of the semester.

Some universities/colleges required semester fee to secure your position to get student visa to Canada and send you the acceptance letter. The deposit amount is a portion of the first semester’s tuition fee and is usually less than $1500. In case, Canadian embassy rejects your visa, you can get back your deposited money.

Note: You do not have to pay any tuition before getting your acceptance.

Note: Unlike the deposit, the application processing fee will not be refunded if your visa application is refused.

Note: We have calculated the total annual tuition fees for each school for you convenience but it does NOT mean you have to pay the tuition for one year in the beginning.


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