October 08 2016

Navitas at FAU offers an Undergraduate Pathway Program (UPP), designed to prepare you for university studies in the United States. From the day you enrol in either program you are an FAU student.

Why study with Navitas at FAU?

  • A world class education in a beautiful sub-tropical setting. FAU is located just three miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beach of Boca Raton.
  • Six campuses across southern Florida.
  • FAU has an international reach with a personal touch that inspires students to succeed.
  • You will study at a premier university in the United States and earn university credit while learning from hand-picked faculty who specialise in teaching international students.
  • With almost 50 percent of its student body classified as minority or international students, FAU ranks as the most racially, ethnically and culturally diverse institution in Florida’s State University system.

By choosing a program with Navitas at FAU, you will be benefit from:

  • an excellent education: A high-quality education is the first step to a successful future. With Navitas at FAU, you’re guaranteed the highest standards of teaching from fully qualified FAU faculty holding degrees from almost 300 colleges and universities worldwide.
  • university-designed programs; our programs are overseen by the university to ensure you’re guaranteed a quality academic experience
  • academic consultations: Our academic team and other teaching staff are available throughout the term for individual or group appointments. This means someone is always on hand if you need help with the researching, structuring, writing and referencing of your assignments and essays
  • language and academic skills support: We offer support classes to improve your skills in grammar, critical reading and academic writing, note-taking, listening effectively in lectures, and participating in tutorials and discussions
  • flexibility: We have three intakes each year: August, January and May. This means you can begin your studies at a time that best suits you
  • opportunities for work experience: Combine your academic studies with on-the-job experience in your chosen career field. As an intern or co-op student you’ll graduate with a strong academic foundation and a practical background that is highly regarded by potential employers
  • access to FAU facilities and services: Access to all FAU facilities and services, including career advising, psychological and disability services, health services, science and math labs, to enhance your learning experience.
  • peer-support education programs: You will be supported by student mentors — students just like you who have succeeded in studies at FAU.

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