October 08 2016

Marshall University offers programs which encourage individual growth through the attainment of scholarship, acquisition of skills, and development of personality.

Our students attach high value to our small class sizes, having faculty members actively instructing in the classroom, the availability of intensive advising, exceptional student success resources, modern facilities, a growing global community and robust extracurricular programming.

Our faculty members are leaders, mentors and cultivators of talent. They are making a real difference in the lives of our students, many of whom arrive here with enormous potential but lack a reliable roadmap for academic accomplishment.

Our alumni are the heart and soul of the Marshall family. They have gone on to lead Fortune 500 companies, win Pulitzer Prizes and become captains of industry, science, education and the arts.

Professional, technical, and industrial career studies are available through the various departments of the university. The university provides students with opportunities to understand and make contributions to the culture in which they  live; to develop and maintain physical health; to participate in democratic processes; to learn worthwhile moral, social, and economic values; to develop intellectual curiosity and the desire to continue personal growth; and to share in a varied cultural program.

Marshall also recognises an obligation to the state and community by offering evening, off-campus, and Internet classes, as well as lectures, artistic programs, conferences, forums, and other campus and field activities.

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