October 08 2016

As Oregon’s premier research university, more undergraduate classes are taught by top professors with national and international reputations for research and teaching than at most major universities. OSU’s academic programs are university-designed and university-led to provide the highest quality preparation for your undergraduate and graduate study.

Situated in Corvallis, one of the most vibrant small cities in America’s Pacific Northwest, OSU offers outstanding facilities, world-class teaching and beautiful surroundings.OSU combines high academic standards and welcomes a diverse student body of over 26,000 students from across Oregon, all 50 states and more than 100 countries. They can choose from more than 200 undergraduate and more than 80 graduate degree programs,including over 30 degrees online offered through Oregon State Ecampus. Oregon State increasingly attracts high-achieving students, with nationally recognized programs in areas such as conservation biology, agricultural sciences, nuclear engineering, forestry, fisheries and wildlife management, community health, pharmacy and zoology.

For truly successful study, you not only need a high-quality study program, but also a support network that ensures you can focus on your studies and enjoy student life. Our concern for you begins while you are still in your home country and continues throughout your studies at the university.Oregon State is a leading research university located in one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation. Situated 90 miles south of Portland, and an hour from the Cascades or the Pacific Coast, Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon’s natural wonders.

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