October 08 2016

For international students thinking about studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the USA, Navitas offers an undergraduate International University Transfer Program (IUTP) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).

The International University Transfer Program (IUTP) is designed to provide an academic and cultural bridge for you during the 1st year of your U.S. university degree. Enrolling in the IUTP means you are UNH student from day one. Upon successful completion of the IUTP, you can transfer directly into the 2nd year of your degree program. Navitas at UNH offers academic support as well as additional help in English and math to ensure you will be prepared as you continue your studies at UNH.

Navitas at UNH offers majors through three of the colleges at UNH: the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Whittemore School of Business & Economics, rated as one of the top business schools from the Princeton Review 2010.

The University of New Hampshire is a Tier 1 National University, which has been educating students since 1866. US News & World Report ranks UNH in the top 104 universities in the United States. UNH is also ranked in the top 400 world universities by the Shanghai Jiaotong University Rankings guide.

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